Keiser University Latin American Campus



Student Life Institutional Calendar
January 6th,, 2015Dormitories OpenResidence Life
January 8th, 2016Pastoral Life Tour – Orientation weekPastoral Life
January 8th, 2016Career Services Presentation at 11:00Career Services
January 9th, 2016Welcoming Mass and LunchPastoral and Athletes
January 9th, 2016Sports Afternoon and BonfirePastoral and Student Services
January 10th, 2016Orientation Trip to GranadaStudent Services
January 11th – 12th, 2016Orientation for New StudentsStudent Services
January 13th, 2016First Day of Classes
January 13th, 2016Household Prayer MeetingPastoral Life
January 13th, 2016Outdoor Movie Night and SocialStudent Services
January 14st, 2016Ice Cream Give AwayStudent Services
January 15nd, 2016Twister NightResidence Life
January 18th, 2016Career Services Presentation at 11:00 Cultural CenterCareer Services
January 26th – February 26th, 2016Male Volleyball TournamentAthletics
January 21st, 2016Clubs and Sports Sign upStudent Services
January 25th, 2016Conference for psychology students. Topic to be announced.Counseling Services
January 28th, 2016Sacred Heart of Jesus Holy HourPastoral Life
February 4th, 20161/3  Senior Student workshop 2016Career Services
February 10th, 2016Ash WednesdayPastoral Life
February 10, 2016Counseling Psychology studentsCounseling Services
February 11th, 2016Homecoming PartyStudent Services
February 12th, 2016Consecration to Jesus through Mary – Intro MeetingPastoral Life
February 16th, 2016Valentine’s day CelebrationStudent Services
February 19th, 2016Consecration To Jesus through Mary startsPastoral Life
February 25th, 20162/3  Senior Student workshop 2016Career Services
March 01- 15, 2016Female Basketball IntramuralsAthletics
March 3th, 2016Sacred Heart of Jesus Holy HourPastoral Life
March 8th, 2016Field DayStudent Services
March 9th, 2016Household Consecration MassPastoral Life
March 15th, 20163/3  Senior Student workshop 2016Career Services
March 16th, 2016Jesus Army ConcertStudent Services
March 17th, 2016Saint Patricks CelebrationStudent Services
March 20th- 26th, 2016Holy WeekStudent Services
March 30th, 2016Consecration to Jesus through Mary MassPastoral Life
April 1st -3rd, 2016Second Spiritual Retreat (1-3)Pastoral Life
March 31st, 2016Sacred Heart of Jesus Holy HourPastoral Life
April 4th, 2016SGA Kick OffStudent Services
April 5th- 7th, 2016SGA CampaignStudent Services
April 8th, 2016SGA DebateStudent Services
April 11th, 2016SGA ElectionsStudent Services
April 12th, 2015Annual Job FairCareer Services
April 14th, 2015Mission Trip Fundraising Activity IPastoral Life
April 18th, 2016Pep RallyStudent Services
April 20-21, 2016Mini Olympics 2016Athletics
April 24th, 2016Mission TripPastoral Life