Keiser University Latin American Campus

Student Organizations

The Office of Student Services works in conjunction with the Student Government Association and the student organizations to assist in planning and implementing a wide range of student extracurricular activities. These include the new student orientation activities, barbecues, talent shows, on-campus concerts and dances, movie nights, field days, fashions shows, holidays’ celebration, trips to colonial cities, to the beach, to volcanoes, and to historic sites of Nicaragua.

We also have talks and conferences by guest speakers such as ambassadors, entertainers, and other outside performers who present positive messages to students among other activities. Faculty and staff are often involved with these activities as a means of promoting a sense of family among all members of the campus community.

Activities at the Latin American Campus are designed to provide recreation, to develop social skills, to help the student learn to work with others, to give spiritual and intellectual stimulation, to allow for the pursuit of individual interests and to lead to a better understanding of the world and of one’s self. The director of student services organizes, advises, and supervises all of the student activities.

Student Government Association (SGA):

The Student Government Association is composed of an Executive Board (President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer), a Campus Activity Board, Public Relations Officers, an Inter Club Counsel, and a Committee Coordinator.

SGA promotes, encourage, and upholds the vision and mission of Keiser University Latin American Campus. It aims for the intellectual, moral, spiritual, and social development of the student body through the promotion of activities on and off campus.

Cultural: dedicated to the encouragement of the performing arts, photography and fine arts.

  • Paper Cut Club
  • Yearbook Club

Professional and Honor Society: dedicated to encourage and recognize superior scholarship and leadership achievement, and to expose students to members of their chosen professions

  • Engineering Club
  • Business Club
  • Psychology Club
  • Political Science Club
  • Proactive Journey
  • AISEC Club

Community Outreach: dedicated to community outreach projects including evangelization and visiting local orphanages, elderly homes, psychiatric hospitals and others.

  • Mission Trip
  • L’arche Club

Special Interest: dedicated to a specific area of interest.

  • Cheerleading Club
  • Tennis Club
  • Ping Pong Club
  • Salsa Club
  • ROAR Club
  • Eco Club
  • Chess Club
  • Consecration to Jesus Thru Mary Club
  • Gaming Club
  • Bike Club
  • Holy Rosary Club
  • Music Club
  • Jesus Army Club
  • True Love Club