Keiser University Latin American Campus


Keiser University Latin American Campus is concerned with the comprehensive development of each student in the academic, social, emotional, spiritual and physical areas.  Student Life is designed to develop social skills, provide recreational and cultural opportunities, advance the student’s sense of responsibility and team work, provide assistance  with their career guidance, support their personal development through athletics, counseling and pastoral life, as well as provide a comfortable residence life for those who chose to live on campus.

The Department of Student Life serves to establish and promote a dynamic and purposeful student culture. This culture is hallmarked by the following key points:

  • Advancing human culture
  • The moral formation of men and women
  • The promotion of dialogue between faith and reason
  • Greater lay witness in contemporary society
  • Teaching, research & learning ( national & international )

We seek to collaborate with the faculty and administration in integrating students’ academic and co-curricular activities. Our ultimate goal is the education of the whole person; we round out and augment the work that takes place in the classroom with real life and practical experiences. The encounters and events we plan and execute are vitally important in the complete learning process of which each student at Keiser University – Latin American Campus is a part. Specifically, the Division of Student Life seeks to:

  • Foster an environment and campus culture that supports and enhances the academic achievement of students
  • Provide opportunities for students to develop and practice a value system that embraces the dignity of the person
  • Help students discover, develop and apply their talents and abilities as leaders in service to others
  • Challenge students to take responsibility for their personal lives and to share responsibility for the life of the community
  • Provide students with opportunities to develop the knowledge, understanding, and skills necessary for successful employment
  • Focus on a “student’s first” philosophy, as stated in our mission….