Keiser University Latin American Campus

Welcome from the Director of Admissions

Greetings! My name is Lawrence Ragos, Admissions Director for Keiser University Latin American Campus. I work with the talented men and women you call your admissions counselors.

Our job is to look for the best students who personify what Keiser University is all about: excellence, integrity, potential, value and leadership. If you feel that you have these qualities, I truly believe that KU’s holistic approach to education is for you.

I was a student myself, just like you, a long time ago. I remember how daunting the task was in starting a new chapter in my life. On the other hand, it was such an exciting experience. I knew that when I started college, I would meet new friends for life and I would be one step closer to gain new knowledge that was needed for me to succeed in my career.

So if you have friends or family who you think would benefit from Keiser University’s quality education, introduce them to your admissions counselor.

Last but not the least; please let me know if there’s anything I can do for you to make sure your application process to Keiser University is as comfortable as possible. I will be very glad to help. My mission is for you to have an amazing time at Keiser University Latin American Campus. I am looking forward to meet you in campus.

Committed to your success,

Lawrence Ragos Durante
Director of Admissions
Keiser University
Latin American Campus