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Bursar’s Welcome

Congratulations on becoming a Keiser University student!

The Office of the Bursar looks forward to serving you during your academic career at Keiser University. The Bursar bills for tuition and fees, including University housing, as well as providing timely information regarding your financial account status.  The Bursar’s office also collects payments for students’ accounts either through the disbursement of funds through student financial services, third party sponsors, and processing of personal payments.

One of the principal objectives is to provide students with excellent service and information in a friendly and timely manner.

Some important tips to create a positive experience:

  • We send official communications to students at your KU- e-mail; so please remember to check it very often.
  • Review and keep on hand the cost sheet and/or payment plan you receive at the Financial Aid Office.
  • Keep in mind your monthly installments.
  • Make your payments in a timely fashion in order to avoid late fees.
  • Even if your parents or a third party (employer, agency, government) pay your bill, the bill is in your name and you are responsible to make sure it gets paid.

Need to know:

It is my pleasure to be in contact with you and guide you on any information about the Bursar’s Office.

For your success!

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