Keiser University Latin American Campus

Letter from the Campus President

Mathew Anderson The Latin American Campus, our campus in Nicaragua is very distinctive in its characteristics as an American institution in Latin America. It was founded in 1993 by the University of Mobile in Alabama, the campus became Catholic as part of Ave Maria Institute in 1999, later Ave Maria College and then Ave Maria University. Since then, it has been awarding U.S. degrees to students from Nicaragua and the region.

Effective July 1st , 2013, the campus became officially the 17th member of the Keiser family. The transition to Keiser University allowed the legacy of U.S. higher education to continue in this region. This transition will allow us to grow and to make the impact of our education more international.

More than 1,200 graduates after its founding, our alumni from the Latin American Campus have gone on to work and study, many in very prestigious graduate programs throughout the Americas, the United States, and across the globe. They have distinguished themselves by virtue of their professional and academic success.

We are extremely proud of our graduates and students and we welcome those individuals that are up to the challenge of meeting the standards of our campus.

Mathew Anderson
Keiser University Latin American Campus